Prayer Space 

St. Martins Prayer Space Ministry  -  Isaiah 62:6

Meeting 9:30am Tuesdays at St. Johns Weston Rhyn and Thursdays 9:30 here. 

The idea of this Prayer Space ministry is simple :
to encourage people to pray more; 
or to put it another way,  to join with the disciples praying, "Lord teach us to pray." Lk 11.1

I believe we do this by following what many have done (and are still doing) over the years and around the world for millennia by:           (not in order of priority) 

1. creating a physical space set apart for prayer,

2. creating weekly times set apart for prayer,

3. to call as many people in our fellowship (and locally if appropriate) to pray more - here and wherever they are, 

4. to learn from and be inspired by the many prayer movements, past and present, that have been used by God to encourage and facilitate prayer,

5. to remain teachable - committing ourselves to never to stop learning about prayer,  (Ps 86:11)

6. to be open to new ways of prayer and experiencing different styles of prayer,

7. to help organise ways in which we can strategically "stand in the gap" for our people, our mission and our nation. Ezekiel 22:30,  1Tim2

8. to heed and respond to the recent call to pray for revival - and to pray; "start with us." 1 Tim 1:15-17

9. Listen to God - for the church and each other,

10. Perhaps this should be first - to practice waiting on the Lord, delighting in Him, to magnify Him in worship, being in His presence.  Ps 46:10;  Zech 2:13;  
Ps.34:3 NKJV

Thus we seek first His Face - not his hand.