St. Martins Churchyard  

Churchyard Regulations - grassing the ground in front of headstoneschurchyard2

A note from the Wardens.
In July’s edition of Village Life, we published our Churchyard Regulations. The Parochial Church Council (PCC) would like to reassure those people who have existing graves in the churchyard that the 1st October 2018 date mentioned (for grassing over the ground in front of headstones) will not be enforced in the short term, but it is the long-term aim, for the reasons mentioned in the article. The Regulations mentioned will, however, be applied straightaway to future new burials and memorials.

Please contact the St Martins Churchwardens if you have any enquiries about this.

Thank you.

John Keighley, 07971 465651

Hannah Thompson, 07754175742


Family history enquiries: please note the church only holds RECENT (10-20 years) REGISTERS of burials or marriages. Please try the registry at Oswestry or Shrewsbury for more information.